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Frequently Asked Questions

Could Melbourne be locked down until Christmas?

While millions of Australians were given a pathway out of lockdown in NSW this week, there are fears that Melbourne could remain locked down until Christmas. Those concerns are being stoked by the southern state’s lagging vaccination rate, which may not hit 80 per cent coverage until the end of December, according to some modelling.

When does Victoria's five-day lockdown end?

The five-day lockdown across Victoria ends at 11:59 p.m., allowing schools, pubs and restaurants to reopen, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said. But people will not be allowed to have visitors in their homes for another two weeks.

What are the lockdown rules in Melbourne on 19 August?

Basketball courts, skateparks and playgrounds to close. Information is via This morning, State Premier Daniel Andrews announced that lockdown in metropolitan Melbourne will be extended until at least 11:59pm Thursday 19 August. The same rules will apply.

Is South Australia's lockdown over?

The South Australia government announced that the state’s week-long lockdown will end as planned on Wednesday after no new COVID-19 cases were recorded Tuesday. Australian states are quick to lock down due to relatively small clusters because of the low vaccination coverage of the population.

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