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Frequently Asked Questions

What does stage 4 Lockdown mean for the Victorian construction industry?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews yesterday announced Stage 4 business restrictions as part of the state's COVID-19 response. Stage 4 lockdown will have a direct impact on the construction industry, with the sector going to what Mr Andrews described as "pilot light levels".

What does Victoria's phase four restrictions mean for the construction industry?

The Victorian government will partially shut down the state’s construction industry as part of its stage four restrictions to stem the escalating COVID-19 health crisis.

How has Lockdown affected Melbourne's tradies?

Fergus is typically used by smaller builders responsible for new home construction, rather than major projects, and in the first week of Melbourne’s latest lockdown a 14 per cent reduction in jobs created for tradies was recorded. The figure rose to 32 per cent in the first four days of this week.

How will Melbourne's covid-19 Lockdown affect your workplace?

About a quarter of a million Victorians will be stood down from their jobs or told to stay home from work, as entire industries across Melbourne are ordered to close to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here's what it means for your workplace.

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