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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Melbourne Storm moving to Queensland?

With the Victorian government announcing a snap five-day lockdown, the Melbourne Storm are relocating to Queensland to set up camp in the state for the second time this season. All of Victoria will go into a five-day snap lockdown from midnight tonight to curb the growing COVID outbreak.

Who is the Premier of the Melbourne Storm?

Cameron Munster’s Melbourne Storm are minor premiers again but the star five-eighth has opened up on twin family tragedies. Victoria has announced new mandatory vaccination rules as the state deals with a its worst day of the outbreak so far.

Is there a roadmap for Melbourne after Lockdown?

Leading epidemiologists are calling for Victoria to match NSW’s roadmap out of lockdown when key vaccination targets are hit. A controversial plan for Melbourne after lockdown has been met with a sickening response by anti-vaxxers who will be left out and don’t like it.

Which is the most reliable news service in Australia?

Melbourne news headlines. This is a collection page for Melbourne news. Check this page for latest breaking headlines covering major events, stories from Melbourne and the surrounding regions of Victoria. Regarded as the most trusted, reliable news service in Australia.

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