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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to play paintball in Melbourne?

Paintball Melbourne's premium paintballing locations are Oakleigh World Series Paintball and Little River World Series Paintball. With traditional paintball for those aged over 16 and Splatball for those aged 8+, paintball can now be enjoyed by all ages.

Where to fire paint pellets at your friends in Melbourne?

Here’s everywhere you can fire paint pellets at your friends and not get arrested in our wonderful city. Boasting Melbourne’s cheapest paintballs, World Series is the most centrally located of the lot, sitting pretty in little old Oakleigh.

How much does it cost to reload paintball?

All paintball reloads are just $15 per 100 balls during your entire session, so you can load up at the start of your session or top up as required. Paintball is the perfect way to start your Bucks Party. It gets everyone involved, is awesome fun and provides plenty of stories for the nights festivities.

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