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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Melbourne Polytechnic located in Australia?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Melbourne Polytechnic, formerly NMIT, is a vocational education (TAFE) and higher education institute located in Melbourne, Australia predominantly in the northern suburbs but also in the south with a campus at Prahran.

What's the challenge of working at Melbourne Polytechnic?

Melbourne Polytechnic is a challenging place to work when working as a career advisor. You must be able to answer large numbers of questions from students and potential students within a reasonable amount of time.

When did the Melbourne Polytechnic change its name?

In October 2014, NMIT repositioned itself in the tertiary education market under the Melbourne Polytechnic brand, appointing Publicis Mojo to coordinate the change. The change was facilitated by a $19 million grant from the Victorian Government.

How many campuses are there in Melbourne Australia?

Based across seven campuses and three specialist training centres in Melbourne, Australia, the university is a renowned and popular provider. Established in 1912, its courses offer personalised pathways through a range of flexible study options.

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