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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is still playing for the Melbourne Storm?

The Bulldogs are yet to lock him in and the Melbourne Storm has come calling, so Nick Meaney has to decide what he’ll do for 2022 and beyond. Two-time premiership winner and recent inclusion in the NSW Origin side Dale Finucane is keen on signing a long-term contract.

How are the Melbourne Storm in the NRL?

Act that could trigger Broncos revival; ‘putrid’ Raiders face a ‘tomahawk’: Talking Points Rank Team p w l 1 Storm 16 14 2 2 Panthers 16 14 2 3 Rabbitohs 15 12 3 4 Eels 16 12 4 12 more rows ...

Who are the three halves for the Melbourne Storm?

Rugby league wouldn’t be rugby league without contentious calls but the Warriors were floored by a decision an NRL great called “poor”. Matty and Andrew Johns have revealed where the three most-coveted halves — Mitchell Moses, Adam Reynolds and Shaun Johnson — will land.

Why is Cameron Smith not playing for Melbourne Storm?

Raiders captain Elliott Whitehead suffered a brutal injury against the Storm on Saturday night — and played on for the rest of the game. Despite believing he was capable of playing another season in the NRL, there was one reason Cameron Smith couldn’t play for the Storm in 2021.

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