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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the University of Melbourne cut 450 jobs?

The University of Melbourne has announced it will cut at least 450 jobs from its academic and professional workforce due to projected losses of $1bn over three years.

Is the University of Melbourne making budget cuts?

The University of Melbourne is pushing ahead with plans to make millions of dollars in budget cuts, despite posting an $8m surplus last year. Macquarie University in Sydney has also flagged further job losses in 2021 as the economic impact of the pandemic continues.

How many jobs are being cut at Australian universities?

While exact figures are hard to come by, the union representing staff says more than 11,000 jobs are to be cut under current plans while Universities Australia expects there to be 21,000 job losses by the year’s end. Visit Business Insider Australia’s homepage for more stories.

Why are 11 science units at Melbourne University being cut?

Internal documents obtained by The Age reveal that 11 units in chemistry, physics, biology and earth science are earmarked for “discontinuation” or suspension in phase two of the university’s “pandemic reset program” in response to an expected $900 million budget shortfall over four years.

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