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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Melbourne a law school?

Melbourne Law School (MLS or Melbourne Law) is one of the professional graduate schools of the University of Melbourne. Located in Carlton, Victoria, MLS is the most prestigious and one of Australia's oldest law schools, which offers J.D., LL.M, Ph.D, and LL.D degrees.

Is the Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne?

The Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor) is a graduate law degree that has set a benchmark for legal education in Australia. It's taught at graduate level and available if you already have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than law.

Who are the staff at the Melbourne Law Masters?

The Melbourne Law Masters gives students access to some of the best legal minds in Australia and internationally. Each year, the teaching staff brings together leaders from all branches of the legal profession across Australia, distinguished legal scholars and practitioners from many parts of the world and the Law School's own experienced staff.

How are grades determined at Melbourne Law School?

The distribution is based, in part, on the historic range of marks awarded in the JD. Grade distributions are monitored by Melbourne Law School's Board of Examiners. The Board is chaired by the Associate Dean (JD) and comprises the subject coordinators in the compulsory subjects.

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