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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any masters courses at Melbourne Law School?

Note: These courses are available only for law graduates (LLB, JD or equivalent). The Melbourne Law Masters program offers masters degrees, graduate diplomas, specialist certificates and single subjects across 27 specialist legal areas to deepen knowledge and understanding in a broad or specialised area of law.

Is there a law library at the University of Melbourne?

The Law Library provides a range of services for Melbourne Law School staff and students, University of Melbourne staff and students, and the general public. Melbourne Law School is committed to producing a diverse range of research.

Who are the staff at Melbourne Law School?

Melbourne Law School academic staff are recognised as leaders in their fields, both in Australia and around the world. Our academics draw on their legal scholarship and professional engagements to deliver challenging and intellectually stimulating courses.

Is the Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne?

The Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor) is a graduate law degree that has set a benchmark for legal education in Australia. It's taught at graduate level and available if you already have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than law.

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