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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a VPN at the University of Melbourne?

Note: Cisco AnyConnect is required to connect to the University's VPN. It is included on all devices using the Melbourne University Operating Environment (MOE). All staff and students can use the University's VPN service to: secure transactions from a remote site to the University's network.

Can a student use a VPN on campus?

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows students to securely 'tunnel' into the campus network from outside the university, and access services as if you were on-campus. It can also be used with on-campus networks. This service is provided to students free of charge.

Is there a VPN for unimelb in China?

Cisco AnyConnect is the client used to connect to the general UniMelb VPN. Students in Mainland China cannot use this, but can use FortiClient, as outlined above.

Is there a VPN for students in China?

FortiClient VPN is offered to students in China who require access to University services and files. Only one computing device will be able to be logged in at a time. Please only use FortiClient if you are located in China.

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