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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put sound effects on a YouTube video?

The most common method is to mention in your YouTube video description that the sound effects were obtained from ZapSplat. A simple line of text such as “Sound Effects from” is enough, but if you wish to go one step further, you can also credit the contributor, such as “sound effect by [contributor name] from

Are there any free sound effects for video editing?

People looking for free sound effects for video editing and YouTubers make up a large portion of our members here at ZapSplat so we spend a lot of time and resources creating free sound effects that you can download and use safe in the knowledge they’re 100% legal and won’t throw any content ID claims.

Where can I find free sound effects for music?

YouTube sound library (free) You’ll kick yourself if you didn’t realise this library was available for you and has thousands of free sound effects for you to use. The library contains a wide variety and will prove extremely useful, so go check it out. Check it out . Adobe Audition library (free)

Can I download and Use Your SFX and songs in videos?

Basically, you can download and use our sfx and songs in unlimited videos, so long as you credit us in each one separately (unless you have donated and upgraded, then there is no requirement). If you’ve upgraded to Gold, any sound or song downloaded from our website retains the attribution removal for life.

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