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Frequently Asked Questions

How many electrical wires in Conduit?

In the United States, a National Electric Code helps to establish the relationship between wire gauge and conduit size. Essentially, the Code identifies the number of wires that can be safely loaded into a given conduit size. For example, up to six wires with a standard wire gauge of 14 can be safely placed into a half-inch conduit.

What are electrical conduit fittings used for?

Conduit fittings, also called electrical fittings, are used to connect runs of conduit together or to connect conduit to electrical devices. The types of fittings you use will depend on whether you're using metallic or non-metallic conduit, the types of connections you need to make, and the diameter of the conduit you're connecting.

What do conduit connectors do?

Conduit always terminates at some type of electrical box or at fixed equipment that also serves as a box. Special connectors are used to secure conduit to boxes and to join lengths of conduit together to form long straight runs or bends. The boxes, connectors, and conduit form a wire enclosure system called a raceway.

What are electrical conduits?

The term "electrical conduit" refers to durable tubing or other types of enclosure used to protect and provide a route for individual electrical wiring conductors. Conduit is typically required where wiring is exposed or where it might be subject to damage. A conduit can be made of metal or plastic and may be rigid or flexible.

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