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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the service at Red Rooster in Brewster?

Helpful? Ever since the addition was placed on Red Rooster, the quality of service has declined. Waitstaff is more concerned about its social life than catering to customers....Service is very slow; prices high for the quality and portions served. The outdoor patio also suffers from a...

What kind of food is at Red Rooster?

Food is typical rod side hamburgers/hot dogs.. ice cream is great! Hands down best ice cream and yummy food! Great and friendly service! Only inconvenience is it’s cash only. We've been going here forever, now that they renovated and expanded- even more. Our family loves this Sunday afternoon tradition with Red Rooster's classic ice cream cones.

When did the Red Rooster drive in open?

The Red Rooster Drive-In first opened its doors in the spring of 1963 as a simple, summertime custard stand that gained popularity by neighborhood families and motorists who voyaged upstate and to the Berkshire’s.

How much does a Red Rooster burger cost?

Now, the burgers including the bun tasted like cardboard. The only part that had taste was the tomato, probably because of the season. Don't waste your money, and you will need more than you think, as the price... for what is served is way to expensive. Over $25.00 for one single and one double burger, a small fry (also tasteless) and a milk shake.

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