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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merch?

What is merch? Merch is short for merchandise. Whether you’re a Youtuber with a growing channel, an online influencer on Instagram, or a TikTok personality with a cult following, if you make your own merchandise, you could open up a profitable new revenue stream! Why create and sell merch?

What is the printify Merch maker?

The Printify merch maker is a custom merch creator tool that takes all of the guesswork out of designing, printing and shipping a huge range of products – From t-shirts and mugs, right through to custom shoes and leggings!

Why Start A Merch Store with US?

By starting your merch store with us, you can customize as many products as you like, sell them worldwide, take control of your earnings, and tap into a bigger network of customers. You only need to upload your artworks on custom products and we take care of the fulfillment.

What is a custom merch maker?

Our custom merch maker allows you to create your own merch for free, and test out different products and designs, without needing to commit thousands of dollars up front. When we say the merch maker is free, we really do mean free!

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