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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the first merchants?

First Merchants Bank was originally known as the Merchants National Bank of Muncie, Indiana and it was organized during the Panic of 1893 by a group of service-minded businessmen who recognized a need in their community and acted to fulfill that need.

What did the merchants do?

Merchants are people who make their livings by selling goods they did not produce themselves. Merchants can be distinguished from farmers, artisans, and others who create items they could sell themselves but are more likely to license to a merchant, who has the facilities and experience to deal with consumers.

What is meaning of merchants?

The definition of merchant is something related to commerce or the trade or sale of goods. A ship that transports goods for sale is an example of a merchant ship.

What is farmers and merchants?

Farmers and Merchants Bank (sometimes abbreviated as F&M Bank) may refer to: Farmers and Merchants Bank-Masonic Lodge, Booneville, Arkansas, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in Logan County. Farmers and Merchants Bank (Mountain View, Arkansas), listed on the NRHP in Stone County.

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