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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classes of commoner?

The commoner class consisted of farmers, artisans, merchants, and low-level priests. Artisans and traveling merchants enjoyed the greatest amount of wealth and prestige within this class, and had their own self-governing trade guilds.

What did merchants do in the Pre-Classic period?

Specialists such as architects, mathematicians, scribes and engineers sold their services at the market as well. During the Pre-Classic period, merchants and the artisans who made goods for the luxury market formed a new middle class where before there had only been nobles and commoners.

What was the role of the merchant in medieval society?

Thus, the medieval merchant was seen as both a trader and trafficker of wares across countries. The middle ages merchant sourced for his products during his travels and would then sell them in markets and shops or at fairs. Medieval society divided itself between three societal categories that included the clergy, the peasants and the fighters.

What were nobles entitled to receive from commoners?

Nobles were entitled to receive tribute from commoners in the form of goods, services, and labor. Noble status was passed on through male and female lineages, and only nobles were permitted to display their wealth by wearing decorated capes and jewelry.

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