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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is merchants foodservice?

From humble roots more than 110 years ago in south Mississippi, Merchants Foodservice has grown into the 12th-largest foodservice distributor in the United States with operations in 12 states. More than 6,000 customers trust Merchants Foodservice and its hardworking team of 800 individuals to meet their needs.

What happened to the Merchants Company in Mississippi?

The company is renamed The Merchants Company. The company opens a meat-packing house in Jackson, Mississippi, to sell fresh and frozen pork and beef. The first year’s sales are $295,000. Grain operations are moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi, for better access to Mississippi River barges.

Why choose mermerchants foodservice?

Merchants Foodservice has been meeting these demands for more than 100 years. Merchants Foodservice distributes wholesale food and beverages as well as restaurant kitchen supplies to 12 Southeastern states. More than 12, 000 in-stock line items are available, ranging from frozen entrees, fresh produce and meats to cooking and cleaning supplies.

Where is the merchants company located?

The Merchants Company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tatum Development Company. The company purchases a facility in Montgomery, Alabama. The company achieves $100 million in annual sales. A distribution center is constructed in Clanton, Alabama, the geographic center of the state.

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