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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up messages on a Mac?

How to set up Messages on the Mac Launch Messages from your desktop, dock, or Applications folder. Enter your Apple ID email address and password. Click on Messages in the Menu bar and select Preferences. Select the Accounts tab. Select the phone number and email addresses at which you would like to be reached.

How do you download iMessage on a Mac?

Here is how you can do it: Use the web browser to access iTunes on your Mac computer. In the search bar type ‘iMessage’. Download and install the app. Login with your Apple Id and you will be able to use iMessage on your computer very easily.

How to add accounts to messages for Mac?

Add another Email Account on your Mac If you're not prompted, or you just want to add another account, follow these steps: From the menu bar in Mail, choose Mail > Add Account. Select your email provider from the list, then click Continue. Some accounts, such as Google, might ask that you click Open Browser to complete authentication in your web browser. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter account... See More....

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