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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is communication so important in war?

From the very beginnings of military warfare communication often holds the keys to victory. Communicating with your allies while knowing where your enemies are is one of the most crucial parts in war. After all, in military ranks the common saying is that, “knowing is half the battle."

How did the First World War change the way we communicate?

During the First World War, (WWI) communication technology was changing very quickly. For the first time, much of the world was using electricity, and this new source of power was utilized for communication in the form of telegraphs, telephones, signal lamps, and radio.

How did the Allies benefit from the Allies' use of encoded messages?

Subsequently, further messages that were intercepted and decoded helped the Allied troops gain a significant advantage. Even after the war, these encoded communication machines and techniques greatly influenced a number of other areas, especially in the field of computer science and electronic communications.

How were telephones used in WW1?

During WWI, on the Western Front, telephones were used to communicate between the front line Marines and Soldiers and their commanders. The U.S. Army Signal Corps constructed 2,000 miles of telegraph and telephone pole lines using 28,000 miles of wire, and 32,000 miles of French communication poles.

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