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Frequently Asked Questions

What will solder not stick to?

Solder is not effective unless there is a decent mechanical connection beneath the solder. On a circuit board this is usually a small hole where a wire or contact is inserted. Solder will not stick to plastic.

What metals can be soldered?

Mild steel, stainless steel and chromium can also be soldered. These metals have higher heating temperatures than copper, so large objects made from these materials can be a challenge. Chromium and stainless steel both require the use of a flux, which allows the soldering alloy to wet the metal.

What are the properties of solder?

Lead-based solder is solder that is made from an alloy of tin and lead, sometimes with other metals as well. The reason that lead is combined with tin is that the resulting alloy has a lower melting temperature, an important property of solder when most electronic components are very heat sensitive!

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