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Frequently Asked Questions

Are metalloids considered metals or nonmetals?

Periodic Table Metals Nonmetals Metalloids. Metalloids Metalloids such as boron and silicon are the elements that form a diagonal separation between metals and nonmetals in the periodic table. Metalloids have properties somewhat between those of metals and nonmetals, and they often exhibit some of the characteristic properties of each type.

What are the 6 metalloid?

The six metalloids are boron (B), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), tellurium (Te).

What are the seven metalloids?

In all, there are seven metalloids which are placed from the 13th to the 16th group of the periodic table. They are: Boron (B), Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), Arsenic (As), Antimony (Sb), Tellurium (Te), and Polonium (Po).

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