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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a metalsmith build file?

Superficially, Metalsmith build files look similar to those used in Gulp (although it doesn’t use streams). A plugin is invoked by passing it to the Metalsmith use method with any appropriate arguments. The plugin itself must return another function which accepts three parameters:

What is metametalsmith-collections?

metalsmith-collections is one of the most important plugins since it allocates each page to a category or taxonomy based on its location in the source directory or other factors. It can re-order files using front-matter such as date or priority and allows you to set custom meta data for that collection.

What is setDate in Metalsmith?

setdate is a custom plugin contained in lib/metalsmith-setdate.js. It ensures every file has a ‘date’ value set even if none has been defined in front-matter by falling back to the publish date or the file creation time where possible:

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