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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Mew mean?

Last name: Mew. Recorded as Mew, Mewe, Mewes, Mews and the diminutives Mewett and Mewitt, this is an English surname. It has at least two possible origins, one of which may be French. The first is a nickname from the Old English pre 7th century word "meaw" meaning a "sea-mew" or gull, although as to why a person should be so called, is unclear.

Is Mew a legendary?

Mew is a very special legendary Pokémon created. There are many stories tied to it. Many of its abilities are detailed. You may not want to read long stories, if so, then please read only the bold text.

Did Mew create Pokemon?

Afterward came mew who create the rest of the pokemon including celebi. Celebi, having control over time, sends mew to the time of chaos, producing the egg from which arceus came from, effectively creating the apparent paradox of pokemon origin.

What does Mew mean in chemistry?

Mew(verb) to cast the feathers; to molt; hence, to change; to put on a new appearance. Mew(noun) a cage for hawks while mewing; a coop for fattening fowls; hence, any inclosure; a place of confinement or shelter; -- in the latter sense usually in the plural.

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