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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of oregano are edible?

Edible parts of Oregano: Leaves - raw or cooked as a potherb. Oregano is an important flavouring herb in Mediterranean cookery, and is often used dried rather than fresh. The leaves are used as a flavouring for salad dressings, vegetables and legumes, and are frequently included in strongly flavoured dishes with chillies, garlic, onions etc.

Are the flowers produced by oregano plants edible?

While most gardeners grow oregano for its aromatic leaves, the plants also produce beautiful flowers that can be white, pink or light purple in color. Oregano leaves taste best before the flowers bloom but the flowers are also edible and they're great for attracting bees, butterflies and lots of other pollinating insects to your garden.

Can you eat the dried oregano flowers?

Drying oregano after harvest results in intense flavor, more intense than fresh oregano. When using oregano in a recipe, add dried oregano to your food while it is cooking. Add fresh oregano at the end of the cooking time because heating it for too long will make it bitter. Oregano flowers are also edible .

Can oregano flowers be eaten?

Oregano flowers are in fact edible and can be used in a number of different dishes, including those that include various vegetables. Sometimes people even use leaves from oregano on their pizzas as a topping. Oregano flowers that have been infused with certain oils can be both delicious and decorative,...

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