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Frequently Asked Questions

Is oregano harmful to dogs?

The ASPCA lists oregano as having toxicity for dogs due to a potential for gastrointestinal irritation. We acknowledge that diarrhea and even vomiting are possible, but small amounts are harmless and even healthy. There are actually numerous uses for this herb.

Is oregano poisonous to cats?

Yes, oregano is toxic to cats. Fresh and dried oregano leaves include chemicals such as flavones and polyphenols, which are harmful to cats. Oregano essential oil is also harmful to your kitty companion. Oregano’s toxicity stems from the fact that cats lack the enzyme Glucuronyl Transferase, which is necessary to digest the plant’s compounds.

Is oregano good for cats?

Those who are interested in using herbs for health and recovery argue that oregano may use effective health advantages for cats. A few of these people recommend that oregano might work as a digestive aid, a mild sedative, an expectorant, and an antibiotic.

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