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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mexican oregano also known as?

Varieties of Oregano Mediterranean Oregano (aka. ... Mexican Oregano (aka. ... Italian Oregano - A combination between oregano and marjoram, this hybrid herb has a sweeter flavor that's ideal for seasoning pasta and pizza sauces. More items...

What is Mexican oregano used for?

Mexican oregano is a culinary herb native to Mexico. Though it tastes similar to regular oregano, the two types are not related. The fragrant leaves are used in traditional Mexican cooking where they impart a strong, earthy flavor. Traditionally, the leaves were made into an herbal tea used to treat minor respiratory problems.

What is a good substitute for dried oregano?

Substitutes for Oregano (Fresh or Dried) Marjoram is one of the best substitutes for oregano; however, it is slightly milder so you will want to use more of it (the ideal ratio is two parts of oregano for three parts of marjoram). Other viable substitutes for fresh oregano include fresh basil, mint, thyme and summer savory.

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