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Frequently Asked Questions

Was El Salvador ever apart of Mexico?

In 1821, Mexico obtained independence from Spain and most nations of Central America, including El Salvador, belonged to the First Mexican Empire under Emperor Agustín de Iturbide. In 1823, the Mexican empire collapsed and El Salvador became part of the Federal Republic of Central America along with Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

How far is San Salvador from Mexico City?

Distance from San Salvador to Mexico City. Distance between San Salvador and Mexico City is 1236 kilometers (768 miles). Driving distance from San Salvador to Mexico City is 1555 kilometers (966 miles).

Is El Salvador in Mexico or it is a country?

Officially known as the Republic of El Salvador, El Salvador is a country located in Central America . Any politically defined region that has full autonomy in the running of its daily affairs is a country. The nation has borders with Honduras to the northeast, Guatemala to the northwest, and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the south.

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