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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MFSB stand for?

Philadelphia International Records: The... M.F.S.B. -- or Mother Father Sister Brother -- were a Philadelphia-based collective drawn together through their studio work for the legendary songwriting team Gamble and Huff.

Who was the producer of MFSB?

They worked closely with the production team of Gamble and Huff and producer/arranger Thom Bell, and backed up such groups as Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, the O’Jays, the Stylistics, the Spinners, Wilson Pickett, and Billy Paul. In 1972, MFSB began recording as a named act for the Philadelphia International label.

What is the history of the group MFSB?

MFSB's disco sound first hit the top of the Hot 100 charts as the backing band for The O'Jays ' " Love Train " in March, 1973. In 2005, drummer Keith Benson (who had joined the group upon Young's departure) revived the group with Gamble's help. The lineup included himself on drums, Jimmy Williams on bass,...

What are some of the most popular MFSB songs?

Another popular MFSB number, "Love Is The Message", has been a favorite of dance/disco DJs since its release; countless remixes, both official and unofficial, exist of the song. On September 20, 2004, the record became among the first to be inducted into the newly formed Dance Music Hall of Fame.

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