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Frequently Asked Questions

What race is a Miata?

Spec Miata is a class of racing car used in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), National Auto Sport Association (NASA), and Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) road racing events.

Is winter the best time to buy used Miata?

Demand for convertibles in the Snowbelt, for example, is low during the winter, making it an excellent time to buy that used Mazda Miata you've had your eye on since last summer. Four-wheel-drive SUV sales tend to be stronger in the early winter months and just before school starts in the fall.

Is the Mazda Miata the best sports car ever?

The Mazda Miata is the best-selling two-seater sports car of all time, and if you’ve ever had the chance to drive one, you understand why.

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