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Frequently Asked Questions

Can AC Moore coupons be used at Michaels?

According to ThriftyGirl, “A.C. Moore does NOT accept (competitor) coupons that are off your entire purchase. You can use Michaels coupons, so long as you use it in a separate transaction (1 coupon per transaction, meaning if you have more than one coupon to use then you have to break up your purchase).

Can I use joanns coupons at Michaels?

The coupon stacking policy at Joann is very similar to Michaels: They’ll let you use competitor coupons from Micahels, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock Fabrics. You can actually use a coupon from each place on the same transaction as long as you are buying at least 3 items.

Are Michaels stores closing?

Nearly three years after buying regional arts and crafts retailer Pat Catan's for $150 million, Michaels is closing all of the brand's 36 stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia.

Do Michaels Stores sell fabric?

Michaels, which has eight Milwaukee-area locations, does not sell fabrics in stores, but does offer the products online.

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