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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Michigan Tax Form 1040?

Form MI-1040 is a Michigan Individual Income Tax form. Like the Federal Form 1040, states each provide a core tax return form on which most high-level income and tax calculations are performed. While some taxpayers with simple returns can complete their entire tax return on this single form, in most cases various other additional...

How do you calculate Michigan income tax?

Calculate what you'll owe the Michigan government in state income taxes using the flat income tax rate of 3.9 percent. Take your total taxable income, and multiply it by 0.039 to figure out how much you'll be paying in state income tax.

What are Michigan income tax brackets?

Michigan Income Tax Calculation For $70,000 In Wages Tax Year: 2019 Filing Status: Single Michigan Tax Rate: 4.25% Michigan Personal Exemption: $4,400 Michigan Income Tax Estimate: $2,788 Michigan Effective Tax Rate: 3.98%

Does Michigan have income tax?

If you earned income in Michigan, you may have to file income taxes with the Michigan Department of Treasury using Form MI-1040 Individual Income Tax Return. As of 2018, Michigan tax payers pay a flat income tax rate of 4.25 percent.

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