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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bing have a microphone?

The Bing Carbon Mic is made from retired telephones, but [is] transformer coupled to provide a balanced XLR connection for studio use. It comes in a compact housing complete with built-in mic stand adapter. Depending on inventory, you can sometimes specify the decade your carbon element was manufactured.

How can I check if my mic is working?

Speak into the microphone and watch the vertical volume bar, located to the right of the microphone icon on the "Recording" tab. If the bar turns green when you speak loudly into the microphone, the microphone is picking up your voice.

How do I enable my camera and Mic?

How to Enable the Microphone and Camera in Google Chrome To change your browser settings, go to the address bar and click on the lock icon to the left of the website address. Camera: Click on the dialog box and choose Allow or Ask Microphone: Click on the dialog box and choose Allow or Ask

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