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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MacBook Pro have a microphone?

Yes, the MacBook Pro has a microphone. The internal microphone pairs with the MacBook Pro's included iSight camera. You don't need any extra tools to audio chat, video chat, or record sound.

Where is the microphone on an iMac?

Locate the “Audio Line-in” port on the back of your Mac, identified with an icon of two triangles connected by a circle. Insert the plug from your headphones into the “Audio Line-in” port. You can now use the headphones as a microphone to record audio for your business.

What is a desktop microphone?

A desktop microphone is a type of microphone typically used at conferences and in large college classrooms. As the name suggests, a desktop microphone typically connects to a computer but can also be a microphone that is mounted to a desk in conference rooms or classrooms.

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