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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on microphone on HP laptop?

Select the "Input" options in the sound window, then click the available hardware pull-down window. Choose "Internal Microphone" as the device you want to use and click "Apply," then "OK.". This activates the microphone in the HP Pavilion laptop computer.

Where is the MIC located on a HP laptop?

If you have an integrated camera at the top of the display, then your microphone is located to the side (s) of the camera. All HP laptops with an integrated camera also have internal microphones near the webcam. Look along the bottom of the LCD, near the hinges, for a small hole labeled "mic" or with a microphone icon.

Does HP Envy have microphone?

Solution found: The HP Envy laptop does not have a microphone jack, it has a "headset" jack that is designed to work with smartphones. In order to use a headset with microphone with this computer, you need a converter cable so that you can convert your headset to smartphone output.

Does my laptop have an internal microphone?

Not all laptops have an internal microphone and a built-in webcam. In most cases, you can determine if your laptop has either device installed by performing a visual inspection of the machine's case. For example, a laptop's webcam and microphone are usually located in the bezel at the top of the screen.

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