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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my headphones not working Windows 10?

Headphones not working in Windows 10 in a frequent error and occur due to non-identification of a particular pair of the headphone by the operating system.

How to change your microphone volume in Windows 10?

How to Increase Microphone Volume in Windows 10 Method 1 - Microphone Volume Setting. Step 1 - Right-click on the volume icon (speaker icon) on the taskbar on the right corner. ... Method 2 - Advanced Tab Setting Changes. In case, above-mentioned steps did not result in solving your microphone problem, you can choose the ' Advanced ' tab option from the ... Method 3 - Communications Tab Setting Changes. ...

Where is the microphone button on Windows 10?

With the right mouse button, click on the speaker icon on the Windows 10 taskbar. In the small menu click on “Recording devices” menu. In the new window, you will see the active microphone and that it is selected with a green tick mark. Then, double click on “Microphone” and you will enter “Properties” window.

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