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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AGC microphone in Windows 10?

1] AGC Microphone in Windows 10. AGC a.k.a Automatic Gain Control is a microphone setting that automatically tracks and adjusts the audio volume of recordings. It takes control away from the user. Many people like this setting as it eliminates several unwanted knobs and buttons from the case of the device.

What is an amplifier gain control?

An amplifier gain control (input sensitivity) is simply an level-matching device allowing you to match an amplifier's input circuit to a source unit's (or signal processor) output. Ideally gains are set so an amplifier's output "clips" at the same time the source unit "clips".

What is an automatic gain control?

Automatic Gain Control. Automatic gain control is a technique implemented in many consumer electronics that automatically adjusts the input levels of a system by inducing a portion of the output levels in the input terminals.

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