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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control microphone volume on my laptop?

To set your microphone volume in Windows you need to use the Recording Control utility. This utility located in: Classic View: Start>Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices. Category View: Start>Control Panel>Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices>Sounds and Audio Devices. The "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" window appears.

How do you turn off microphone volume?

Turn off your microphone in the "Recording Control" dialog box. Double-click the "Sounds and Audio Devices" icon and navigate to the "Audio" tab. Click "Volume" under the "Sound Recording" pane, then tick the box next to the word "Mute" under "Mic Volume" in the "Recording Control" dialog box. Your mic is now turned off.

Why is my microphone not loud enough?

One of the common causes of no volume in any application is an incorrect connection between a microphone and the computer's sound card. Sound cards usually have three input jacks that perform separate tasks.

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