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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Microsoft gift card worth?

Microsoft Gift Card – Digital Code: $100.00. 106. Give the gift of apps, games and more to use at Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox.* You’ll receive an email with a digital code that your gift recipient can use to buy what they want.

Where can I get 50% off on Microsoft products?

Exclusive voucher codes like 50% OFF are offered by Set yourself free into a new revolutionary world of discount at Microsoft Store right now. HotDeals is the best opion for you to vaild this excellent promotion. Act now while offer lasts…

Is there a Microsoft Store within 100 miles?

Unfortunately, we found no Microsoft Store locations within 100 miles, but we can always ship items to you. With a Microsoft Gift Card, give the freedom to pick the gift they want. It can be used to buy devices, games, software, apps, movies, and more.

What can you buy with a Microsoft gift code?

It can be used to buy devices, games, software, apps, movies, and more. There are no fees or expiration dates to worry about. This digital gift code is good for purchases at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox. It cannot be used for purchases at physical Microsoft Stores.

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