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Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit payment method in Microsoft Store for business?

Edit payment method. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Business or Store for Education. Click Manage, click Billing & payments, and then click Payments methods. Select the payment option that you want to update, select the ellipses, and then choose Edit payment method. Enter any updated information in the appropriate fields, and then se;ectSave.

How to pay with Microsoft Store?

Open your Microsoft Store app. Click on the icon that looks like three horizontally aligned dots. From the drop-down menu, select Payment options. Use your Microsoft account details to sign in to the Payment options section. Once you are done with that, select your payment method.

How can I get price adjustment for my Microsoft Store order?

Customer must contact Microsoft Store Sales and Support with order number and any other information requested by the Microsoft Store Sales representative for price adjustment. Credit will be provided to Customer in same method of payment (credit card use will be credited to original card).

How do I add a credit card as a payment method?

Sign in to Microsoft Store for Business or Store for Education. Select Manage, select Billing & payments, and then select Payments methods. Select Add a payment options, and then select the type of credit card that you want to add.

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