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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the loan servicing industry work?

How does the Loan Servicing Industry Work? The method, by which the sub-servicing firms or the mortgage banks collect the interest payments and principals timely from the borrowers, is called loan servicing. The levels of services will vary depending on the kind of loan as well as the terms and conditions that have been negotiated between the investor seeking services and the firm that will provide those services.

What is Midwest loan?

Midwest Loan Services offers residential mortgage subservicing with a complete suite of services to meet banks' and their residential loan borrowers' needs, including: Loan administration, including document control and call center operations. Collection and loss mitigation with full GSE and CFPB compliance.

What is American Midwest mortgage?

American Midwest Mortgage Corporation, a privately owned and operated mortgage corporation, has obtained real estate mortgage financing for thousands of families throughout Ohio and neighboring states. Established in 1974, American Midwest Mortgage has become one of Northern Ohio's leading mortgage bankers.

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