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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Midwest Sports tennis go on sale?

Midwest sports had it in stock with my grip size and it was on sale! Got a great deal $140 with strings. When I called to confirm, the CS was super helpful and offered a 1st time order discount. That was Wednesday Aug 7th! I just got it at my front door and it's Aug 9th with their free 2day shipping.

How long is the restringing at Midwest Tennis outlet?

One of the famous online tennis shops here in Cincinnati! When I visited here at the first time for the stringing, it took only 20 minutes, which I felt wow. I came here again for the stringing Friday afternoon before I played. The restring took about 50 minutes. That annoyed me because they say 30-minute restringing.

Is there a tennis shop in the UK?

NOT an ordinary tennis shop. Tennis-Point is not a usual tennis online shop; it is an inspiration for all tennis fans. For two decades we have inspired our customers around the world with a wide selection of tennis products, providing the latest tennis news and an excellent, customer-friendly shopping experience.

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