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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Mifflinburg Area Schools be masking in 2021-22?

Mifflinburg Area began the 2021-22 school year with an optional masking policy in school buildings. However, it shifted to universal masking upon Beam's order. Lichtel cautioned the public at a town hall in early August that the district would likely follow state mandates should they be enacted.

What is the Mifflinburg Area School District positive case tracker?

This Tracker will serve as the primary vehicle for communication between the Mifflinburg Area School District and our community in relation to the current 14-day totals of staff, student, and provider positive cases. We will not disclose any identifying information about affected individuals reported on this dashboard.

Who can get an account at Mifflinburg?

Before getting started, consider the following comments. All legal guardians and natural parents of Mifflinburg students with correspondence rights qualify for an account. Household papers were sent home on the first day of school to verify all such individuals.

What is the lawsuit filed against Mifflinburg Area School Board?

Dec. 23-MIFFLINBURG-A lawsuit filed against Mifflinburg Area School Board members and the district superintendent accuses the officials of violating state law on conducting public meetings and casting public votes.

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