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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of welder does Harbor Freight have?

Harbor Freight Tools carries welders to meet any need or experience level. From auto repair to construction, you’ll find the right type of welding equipment and accessories for your project. Harbor Freight has a complete line of high-quality MIG, TIG, Flux and Stick welders.

Can a HF MIG welder get the job done?

Pretty reassuring that the HF Mig welders can get the job done in a pinch I guess. For the video, go to YouTube and search fo "Ultimate Budget Welding setup", link removed due to language violation. I have the 90 amp. The only good thing to say is that it is very portable because it operates on 115 volts.

What kind of outlet does a flux core welder need?

The hassle-free welder comes set up for flux core arc welding and only requires adding shielding gas with other necessary components for full MIG welding applications. The MIG flux wire welder features constant voltage, thermal overload protection and a welding cable with gun. 240 Volt - Not for Use with Standard 120 Volt Outlets!

Is the 120amp CE MiG FC welder 20% duty cycle?

The new 120amp CE Mig FC Welders are 20% Duty Cycle. But I might want to get something that is dual Mig. FC and Gas Shield capable. Was the lincoln from Lowes a 120 or 240v? I have the HF 90amp its good for small repairs and sheet metal work. Take the specs and cut them almost in half and thats pretty much what you can expect to weld with it.

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