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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Bedrock Edition 1.17.0 come out?

Bedrock Edition 1.17.0 Edition Bedrock Edition Official name Caves & Cliffs (Part 1) Planned release date Mid-2021 Development versions Betas (2) ( View all) Other instances of 1.17 Java Edition PlayStation 3 Edition PlayS ... 1 more rows ...

When does the new Minecraft Bedrock update come out?

1.17.0, the first release of the Caves & Cliffs update, is an upcoming major update to Bedrock Edition set to release on June 8, 2021. [1] [2] [3] It was first announced during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3, 2020. [4]

Where can I download Minecraft 1.17 for free?

Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox… Download Minecraft 1.17.2 with a working Xbox Live with fragile… Download the free version of Minecraft PE with a… Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox… Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0 full version: Get the fragile crystals…

What are the features of Minecraft 1.17.0?

Though 1.16.230 was merged with 1.17.0, not every feature in the 1.16.230 development versions made it to the final release, including the / allowlist command. Grows from budding amethyst, which is found in amethyst geodes. Starts out tiny, but grows into medium after a while, large after even more time, and eventually becomes an amethyst cluster.

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