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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a data pack in Minecraft?

You Can Make A Datapack Using This Template. When You Put A Minecraft Command Inside The Loop.mcfunction Located In data ig\functions The Command Will Constantly Run As A Repeating Command Block . This Is Compatible For Minecraft 1.17.

What does pack _ format tell you about Minecraft?

The value of "pack_format" tells Minecraft what release the data pack is designed for, and is different for certain versions. The following list what versions each value is associated with: Note: As more updates are released, values may be changed or added. The text following "description" can be any string or a raw JSON text.

How do you create a recipe file in Minecraft?

Recipes are used to let players craft items. To add recipes, first create a folder named recipes inside the namespace folder. Then, create a file named (recipe_name).json in this folder or in any of its subfolders. This will be your recipe file.

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