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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pre release for Minecraft 1.17?

The first 1.17 pre-release is here! From now on, you should mostly see bugs being fixed. In addition to that, pre-releases doesn't follow the regular snapshot cadence of releasing on Wednesdays, so keep an eye out! Additionally, based on feedback from the community, we have decided to include candles in part 1 of Caves & Cliffs again.

Is there a Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition?

Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition On Mobile! An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

How to download Minecraft Java for Windows 1?

Minecraft: Java edition for Windows 1 Download and open Minecraft.msi to run the installer 2 Follow the instructions 3 Create and explore in the infinite world of Minecraft! More ...

What was the inconsistency in Minecraft 1.17?

MC-221820 - Inconsistency: Enderman is able to pick up flowering azalea, while unable to hold normal azalea bush. MC-223021 - glShaderSource fails on some AMD drivers resulting in a crash on 1.17 MC-225978 - Non-waxed weathered copper blocks appear twice in needs_stone_tool.json Pre-releases are available for Minecraft: Java Edition.

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