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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Minecraft 1.17 beta come out?

Mojang is slated to release Minecraft 1.17 in the summer of 2021. We think the first beta should be expected in winter. Giant, overgrown and flooded caves have been added to the game. The developers have reworked the generation. Added new types of plants:

Is there a Minecraft PE 1.17 update?

on Download Minecraft PE 1.17.2. Cave & Cliffs update is already on the way, meaning a lot of the new features can be tried in the 1.17 version of Minecraft. Normally, to try out new versions, you should be a part of the beta tester program, but there is another way.

What's the name of the new version of Minecraft?

“Caves and Rocks” – that’s the name of the new version of Minecraft 1.17. We can assume that all the attention of the developers will be given to the changes in the world generation and new locations.

How big are the mountains in Minecraft 1.17?

Mountains and new biomes. To make the mountains in Minecraft 1.17 look bigger, the developers increased the height of the world by 64 blocks. Such a change in limits occurred for the first time in 10 years, and that can only mean one thing. There are a lot of plans for new mountain biomes!

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