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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in the Minecraft patch notes?

Here are the highlights from update 1.17.10's patch notes. You can view the full changelog on the Minecraft website. Candles are now available in the game! Put a Candle on a Cake and make a wish! Just place an Azalea in a Flower Pot!

What's new in the Minecraft 1 17 update?

The Minecraft 1.17.10 update is now available. Since the release of Caves & Cliffs: Part I, the devs have been hard at work improving the gameplay. As part of Experimental Gameplay, they’ve included some interesting new additions as well as some Caves & Cliffs: Part II elements.

What's new in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition update?

Mojang Studios has rolled out update 1.17.10 for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which includes some experimental new features from the upcoming Caves & Cliffs: Part II update, numerous bug fixes, and more.

What are the changes in the Fortnite patch notes?

While there are no massively game-changing changes or fixes listed in the update 1.17.1 patch notes, these minor fixes add up over time and will make for a better gaming experience as we wait for the next major update. It also reduces the load of the next major update, to allow it to focus on the major new additions.

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