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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10?

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was the former title of Bedrock Edition for the universal Windows 10 platform developed by Mojang AB and Xbox Game Studios. It runs on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, as well as the HoloLens. Despite being a UWP app, it is not available for Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox One,...

How do you get free Minecraft Bedrock?

If you already have a copy of classic Minecraft on your Xbox One, you can download the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft for free. Select the Store tab. Scroll right to the Store tab at the top of the screen, then press A on your controller.

Is Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PS4?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has been confirmed to release on PS4 on December 10, 2019. Huzzah! This blurb comes from the Official PlayStation Blog which confirmed the arrival of Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

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