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Frequently Asked Questions

What version is Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft Classic was the original version of Minecraft. It was originally given away for free. However, it is now bundled with the release edition, as part of the Minecraft Launcher.

What is Classic Minecraft?

Classic is the second development phase of Minecraft, following "Pre-classic" and being succeeded by Indev. Creative and later Survival game modes were introduced in Classic.

What is the Minecraft survival test?

Survival Test was a test for the survival game mode of Minecraft initially released to premium members during the Classic phase of development, and was accessible at

What is the Minecraft survival game?

The Minecraft Survival Games is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to act out the Games from the Hunger Games series. Twenty-four players battle it out in an arena, finding the equipment and items they need on the battlefield. Minecraft Survival Games are highly competitive, and you may find yourself dying frequently.

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